20 January 2019

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Friday November 2, 2018 Kabul (BNA) Thirty-year-old Shamsia Hassani is widely recognized as Afghanistan’s first, if not only, female graffiti artist. Being a graffiti artist anywhere in the world is a challenge, but in war-torn Kabul, it carries its own unique difficulties. An invitation to an Istanbul cartoon and street art festival allowed Hassani to share her pieces with a broader audience. The large mural she worked on for three days features a regular character of her work, a cool, fashionably dressed young woman playing an instrument. “This character is always in my work with different compositions, and she has different messages and different colors,” Hassani explains. “She can use her musical instrument to talk to people, to speak louder and to get more attention, as she has no mouth. “But this musical instrument gives her power to speak in society,” she adds “Her eyes are closed because usually, she has nothing good around her to see, she does not want to see anything around, and she cannot see her future. However, it does not mean she cannot see.” Welcome respite in Istanbul The opportunity to attend the Istanbul festival is welcomed, Hassani says, given the increasingly difficult environment in Afghanistan. “Recently the situation is getting very bad, and I usually am feeling hopeless sometimes because I see that nothing has changed and I could not change anything, that’s very hopeless,” she said. “Still, I am trying to work to give power to people and how they can stay strong in a society like Afghanistan,” she said. Late to graffiti Hassani has struggled in her pursuit of art. Born in Iran to Afghan parents who had fled the war in Afghanistan, she was prevented from studying art in Iran, she says, because of her Afghan heritage. Eventually, her parents moved back to Kabul so she could pursue her art studies at Kabul University, where she now teaches. Hassani’s love of graffiti came relatively late, however, thanks to an international initiative. “I just started to make graffiti at a graffiti workshop in Kabul,” she said. “They brought a teacher from the U.K. by the name of Chu, and he teaches us how to do graffiti. It was a very good experience, and after that I was just trying to paint on walls, and I wanted to do graffiti.” A luxury of time Working on a mural for a few days at the Istanbul festival is a rare luxury for Hassani. Being a graffiti artist in one of the world’s most dangerous cities carries its own unique challenges, especially if you are a woman. “I am really scared of public spaces; I am really scared for explosions happening all the time. Specifically, it’s difficult for women to do graffiti and street art because usually, people are not happy with women’s activity,” Hassani said. “My family is very supportive, my parents and my husband, they always support me in my works. All the time I am careful,” she adds with a nervous laugh. “I usually work in Kabul, but usually on the small walls, not the big walls, because I cannot finish them. I need to run away as soon as I can.” It’s not only the risk of bombs and hostility toward women artists, that Hassani faces. Artistic differences with the owners of the walls upon which she paints also can be a problem. “I am trying to get permission, but sometimes it’s difficult. Usually the owner of the wall never gives me permission to paint something — fantasy like this” Hassani said, pointing to her mural. “They usually like me to paint some portrait or some landscape or something that they like. So that’s why it’s difficult to find a wall and location, as well.” At the Istanbul festival she received a warm reception as she held a seminar, sharing her experiences with a full and appreciative audience that peppered her with questions. Hassani says the support and interest at the seminar is welcome because in Kabul, few dare to offer her public support. “When I am working, sometimes I listen to people, and they usually use bad words,” she said. “But there are just a few people who say OK, it’s nice, or some people never say anything, they just pass by. But when I post my pictures on social media, I see a lot of support there. However, while working (outside) no support from people.” Love, power of art When asked what keeps her going, Hassani says it is her love of art and the power it has for good. “I think I can introduce art to people in Afghanistan because we don’t have galleries and exhibitions, and it’s good way that I can just show them artwork,” Hassani said. “And I also think that I can change people’s minds with my artwork and sharing my ideas with people, that’s the thing I really like to do.” Dailymail Ansari
Friday, 02 November 2018 14:31

Drone Target Four Mine Planters of Taliban

Friday November 2, 2018 Kabul (BNA) Four mine planters of Taliban have been targeted by drone in eastern Nangarhar province last night. The mine planters have targeted by drone while they wanted to plant a mine in vicinity of Roudat district of the province. Security source in Nangarhar told BNA correspondent, four mine planters belonged to Taliban group were killed during the attack. It has been said, there were no damage on part of civilians following the attack. M.A.Ansari

Friday November 2, 2018 Kabul (BNA) Hundreds Shops have torched by fire that swept through electronic markets in Kabul city last night. According to BNA report, there were no reported injuries in the blaze that began after 6:00 pm local time when most of the stores selling electronics and household appliances were closed in Sadiq Omar and Khairkhawa Markets. The fire consumed hundreds shops, causing millions of dollars in damage. Investigators are at the scene, trying to determine the cause. M.A.Ansari

Friday October 26, 2018 Kabul (BNA) Afghanistan’s Cabinet meeting, chaired by President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, Wednesday approved in principle AFN399 billion national budget, half of which is paid for by domestic revenue, for fiscal year 1398. A statement by presidential palace reported BNA, out of the total budget AFN124 billion outlay is allocated for development in various sectors including Information Technology, agriculture, transit routes and power generation. The national budget rose from AFN377 billions in previous year to AFN99 billions in the coming fiscal year. 49 percent of the national budget will be paid for by Afghanistan’s domestic revenue. Thereafter, the adjustments to the national budget for fiscal year 1397/2018 were presented by the acting minister of Finance and the deputy Ministry of Finance, which was approved by the cabinet. M.A.Ansari
Friday October 26, 2018 Kabul (BNA) In the final match of Afghan Premier League, Toofan Harirod football team succeeded to beat Shaheen Asmayee and become the champion of the tournament last night. The match was played in Kabul on Thursday evening in which Toofan Harirod managed to defeat their rivals Shaheen Asmayee with a difference 1-0. Hundreds of supporters from different parts of the country were present in the stadium to support their teams and added to the excitement of the game. However, the Shaheen Asmayee could not score any goal during the extra time and subsequently the game ended in Toofan Harirod’s favour who were crowned the Premier League champions. Dr. Abdullah Abdullah Chief Executive, high ranking government officials, football federation officials, cricket board officials, Ajmal Rahmani head of Rahmani Foundation and other officials were present in the match. M.A.Ansari
Friday October 26, 2018 Firoz Koh City (BNA) Three civilians have died following road side mine explosion in western Ghor province. Abdul Hai Khatibi spokesman of Ghor governor told BNA correspondent, a man, a woman and a child lost their lives due to road side mine blast in Ashtarkhan region, Firoz Koh city the provincial capital of the province. Local people said, for disrupting election process Taliban militants have planted mines all roads and requested from local people to prevent from travel across the roads. M.A.Ansari
Friday October 26, 2018 Kabul (BNA) More than 50,000 militants from 21 terrorists organizations are currently operating in Afghanistan, the country’s deputy defense minister, Hilaluddin Helal said on Friday. Out of these 70 percent are Pakistani. “Currently, 21 terrorists organizations are operating in the country. The total number of militants stands at 50,200,” Helal said at the eight Beijing Xiangshan Forum on defense, which opened on Thursday. The added that Afghansitan had become “A central battlefield” for members of various terrorist organizations that are “fighting for influence in the region.” “[The number of militants active in Afghanistan] include 8,023 international terrorists,” Helal stressed, noting that Taliban is the biggest group operation in the country and is comprised of about 38,000 people. The Islamic State terrorist group now has over 2,000 members in Afghanistan, he underlined. “As much as 70 percent of IS [Members] are Pakistanis, 6 percent are Uzbeks, 4 percent are Chechens, 3 percent are Arabs, 1 percent are Chinese and 14 percent are Afghans,” Helal pointed out. Afghanistan has long been suffering from a unstable political, social and security situation due to simmering Taliban insurgency. The violence is exacerbated by the activities of various terrorist groups, including the IS. ANI/Sputnik Ansari
Friday October 26, 2018 Firoz Koh City (BNA) Three water supply projects has been inaugurated and put into exploitation in western Ghor province. Khair Mohammad Naibi acting head of rural rehabilitation and development department in Ghor told BNA reporter, the water supply projects has been built with a sum of over 8 million Afghanis funded by ministry of rural rehabilitation and development by participant of 15% local residents. The water supply projects has been constructed in Chabal, Nawjo and Acha Bazzar villages of Lal-a-Sarjangal district of the province. M.A.Ansari
Friday October 26, 2018 Kabul (BNA) A few days ago, Afghanistan cricket team’s head coach Phil Simmons said that he would like to see one batsman from the country making headlines in the Indian Premier League (IPL). It is true that a number of bowlers from Afghanistan have already made a name for themselves in the tournament but not a batsman. Simmons’ hope could see a fulfilment soon as a 20-year-old batting sensation has surfaced on the country’s cricket horizons. Hazratullah Zazai, who has played two ODIs and three T20Is for Afghanistan after making his international debut in December 2016, recently aped dashing Indian left-hander Yuvraj Singh by hitting six sixes in an over in the inaugural Afghanistan Premier League which got over last week. Zazai scored a 12-ball 50 in the process as he was batting for Kabul Zawanan against the Balkh Legends. The bowler at the receiving end was Abdulla Mazari. This innings helped him become only the third player after Yuvraj and Chris Gayle to hit a half-century in 12 balls. Zazai to play under compatriot Rashid Khan Cricket fans are in for more entertainment as Zazai was picked by the Maratha Arabians for the T10 League which is starting November 23 in Sharjah. The Arabians, who lost in the semi-finals of the inaugural T10 League last year to the eventual champions Kerala Kings, will be led by Zazai’s compatriot Rashid Khan, who is the side’s icon player. It also features another young Afghanistan bowler Najibullah Zadran. The Maratha Arabians confirmed Zazai’s joining their ranks for the upcoming tournament in a tweet on October 25. Zazai’s presence will definitely boost the Arabians who had their captain in former dashing Indian opener Virender Sehwag, though he could not do much as a batsman and captained the side for only two games. Paktia-born Zazai has two fifties in three T20Is that he has played so far at an average of 58 and strike-rate of over 156. His heroics against the Legends could not win the game for his side though but Zazai will be looking to set things right in the next tournament. Crictracker Ansari
Friday October 26, 2018 Kabul (BNA) As many as 12 armed oppositions were killed and 5 others were wounded during joint military operation conducted by Afghan security forces within the last 24 hours across the country. Based on information of ministry of defense’ press office to BNA, the operations have launched by support of Afghan air forces to annihilate armed oppositions, ensure peace and stability and protect the lives and properties of people in insecure areas of Paktia, Kandahar, Helmand, Kunar, Nangarhar and Zabul provinces. Also, two vehicles and two motorcycles belonged to the terrorists have been destroyed during the operations, the source added. M.A.Ansari
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