05 July 2020

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Saturday, January 28, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Prime Minister Raza Gailani of Pakistan will send Hena Rabani Kahr Minister of Foreign Affairs of that country for talks to Afghanistan.
A higher authority in Pakistan told Reuters that Hena Rabani Kahr in her visit will prepare the ground for coming summit among Afghanistan Pakistan and the US.
The Prime Minister while discussing issues pertaining to Afghanistan touched on the visit of Mrs. Hena Rabani to Afghanistan.
Relations between Pakistan and US become tense after NATO air attack on a military post of Pakistan in which 24 Pakistan soldiers were killed and Islamabad in reaction closed the supply caravans of NATO through Pakistan and the US Shamsi air base in Baluchistan.
Before the two countries for killing of Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan had also become tense.
It is unknown when the Pakistan foreign minister will visit Kabul.

Friday 27 January,

Kabul (BNA)

United States have number of Nato supply routes that are being used despite the closure of Pakistani routes, US state department said on Thursday.

During a daily press briefing, state department's spokesperson Victoria Nuland said that US think that Pakistan has a very important role to play in supporting reconciliation process.

She said that Pakistan was part of the Istanbul process, part if the Bonn process, supporting this reconciliation effort.

The spokesperson said that Ambassador Grossman was ready to go to Pakistan but the Pakistani government was very much involved in an internal review of its relations with United States.

Friday 27 January

Kabul( BNA)

Pakistan Federal Interior Minister, Rehman Malik Thursday revealed intelligence eight suicide bombers have entered the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi as per intelligence reports..

Talking to media here, he said, following the reports of possible terrorist activities, the security has been further tightened across the country and especially in the Capital to foil nefarious designs of the anti-state elements.

Commenting on the recent firing incidents in Karachi and Quetta, he said some elements want to fan sectarianism especially to destabilize Karachi, which is the hub of economic activities of the country

Friday 27 Junuary

Kabul (BNA)

Assailants fired nine rockets here on Friday; three of them hit the outer wall of Pakistan Military Academy, DCO Abottabad Imtiaz Hussain Shah said.

No one was hurt in the pre-dawn attack but three rockets damaged the outer wall of the academy.

"Nine rockets were fired. Three rockets hit the boundary wall of the military academy and damaged it. No one was hurt in the attack," the DCO said.

"We have launched a search operation," Shah added. The six other rockets landed in open fields near the outer wall, he said.

It was not immediately clear who was responsible for the attack.