22 October 2018

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Sunday, April 05, 2015
PESHAWAR (BNA) Two bomb disposal technicians died in a roadside bomb explosion Saturday as they cleared a route for troops in the Barwand area of South Waziristan near the Afghan border, officials said.
The incident took place in the Barwand area of South Waziristan tribal district, one of Pakistan's seven semi-autonomous tribal regions, which is considered a stronghold of Taliban militants.
“Two bomb disposal officials were clearing the route for troop movement when an improvised explosive device went off, killing both of them,” a senior security official told AFP.
The semi-autonomous tribal areas on the Afghan border have for years been a hideout for Islamist militants of all stripes, including Al Qaeda and the Pakistani Taliban as well as foreign fighters such as Uzbeks and Uighurs.
Pakistan began a long-awaited push to clear insurgent bases from North Waziristan last June after a bloody Taliban attack on Karachi airport finally sank faltering peace talks.
Washington has pressed Islamabad for years to wipe out the sanctuaries in the North Waziristan tribal area, which militants have used to launch attacks on Nato forces in Afghanistan.
Air strikes, artillery, mortars and ground troops have all been used to take back territory.

Saturday, 28 March, 2015
PESHAWAR (BNA) Fifteen militants were killed on Saturday in a clash with security forces in Khyber Agency, the military's public relations wing said.
According to the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR), approximately 30-35 militants attacked a security forces check post in Khyber Agency's Tirah Valley, but attack was foiled through "effective retaliation".
Three security personnel sustained injuries in the clash.
Security forces seized 10 bodies of the militants, along with arms and ammunition, the ISPR said. However, this information could not be independently verified as journalists have limited access to the restive agency.
Khyber is one of Pakistan’s seven semi-autonomous regions governed by tribal laws and lies near the Afghan border. The Taliban and other Al Qaeda-linked groups who stage attacks in both Pakistan and Afghanistan are also known to have strongholds in the zone.

Monday, February 09, 2015

ISLAMABAD (BNA) Senior Taliban commander Omar Khalid Khorasani has been injured as a result of a joint operation by Afghan and Nato forces in Afghanistan, Khorasani’s spokesperson said on Sunday.
Khorasani is the supreme commander of the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) faction Jamaatul Ahrar.
“I can confirm that Omar Khalid Khorasani has been injured in a joint operation by the Afghan and Nato forces in Afghanistan’s Nangarhar province,” spokesperson for the group, Ehsanullah Ehsan told The Express Tribune by phone.
“Khorasani has now been shifted to a safe place and he is improving,” Ehsan said.
“We lost nine colleagues in the raid,” Ehsan said and added there were no prominent leaders among those killed in the attack few days ago.
Khorasani earlier served as chief of TTTP in the Mohmand tribal region but was expelled last year after he and some other leaders formed their own group.

Saturday February 7, 2015
RAWALPINDI (BNA): Seven militants were killed on Saturday in a clash between security forces and terrorists in Mohmand Agency.
According to a statement by the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR), the militants had launched an attack on the security forces.
The forces retaliated and killed seven of the militants.
Their bodies were handed over to the political administration.
Mohmand is one of Pakistan’s seven tribal agencies near the Afghan border which are prevalent with militancy.

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