67th UN General Assembly meeting

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Saturday September 29, 2012
Kabul (BNA) President of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Hamid Karzai begun his speech on the blasphemous film on prophet of Islam and said that broadcasting any type of sacrilegious film and caricatures which directly desecrate any religion should be condemned in all its forms and manifestations as a result of which many precious lives were lost during protest demonstration in various parts of the world.
Commenting on the issue of terrorism, the president said that the phenomenon doesn’t exist in Afghanistan and is sent from beyond borders, now that the world has gotten rid of the threat, its unjustified to see the oppressed people of Afghanistan the only victim of the humiliated phenomenon and chanted on neighboring Pakistan to support Afghanistan on eliminating the menace from the region.
The president also offered his deepest condolence with the Syrian people over continuous killing of the people in that country by the war side and said that the people of Afghanistan feel their pains as our nation has experience bitterness of civil war and violence for the last three decades.
President Karzai also commented on Lakhzar Ibrahimi peace mission and the Palestine issue and said that Afghanistan fully support formation of a sovereign and independent Palestinian country.
Later, US president Barack Obama addressed the assembly and expressed his views on various global issues including the issues of blasphemous movie on prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and pinned towards Syria and Iran as well.
The US president also pointed towards killing of US ambassador in Libyan Benghazi city and said that the American ambassador lost his life during the demonstration and added that broadcasting of the film not only an insult to the Muslim word but also to the American.
Barack Obama also talked about alleged Iranian nuclear program and said that diplomacy still keeps chance to settle the issue by peaceful means.
US president also spoke on Afghanistan and reaffirmed western decision to declare the war end in Afghanistan in 2014.
Meanwhile, UN secretary general Banki moon also addressed the general assembly and described the Syrian crisis as tragedy in the region.
The UN secretary general also talked about differences of UNSC members over the Syrian crisis and demanded from the world community to focus on the issue adding that human rights have been violated in that country in a large scale by the both sides.
Likewise, various world leaders from France, Brazil, Qatar, Indonesia and rest of the countries addressed the UN meeting in the first day of the 67th meeting of UN general assembly.
French president Francis Holland said that the UN should implement fresh reforms to accelerate efforts in finding solutions to the world issues and described current formation of the UNSC as the best source that could reflect global feature. 

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