21 November 2018

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Sunday, February, 5, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Second Vice President Mohammad Karim Khalili chaired a leading body meeting of NSP and chairman of the committee the other day.
Addressing the committee meeting of NSP Khalili said that implementation of the National Solidarity Program (NSP) in different parts of Afghanistan has brought about eye-catching changes in the lives of the people and it has a positive program of the government at the country level.
He stressed further that considering the importance of this program, it requires that precise studies be conducted in removing its shortcomings by the ministries and other department member of this committee.
Minister of Rehabilitation and Rural Development also talked on the achievements and progress of the NSP in the country and said that implementation of this program has paved the way for realization of the provision of Constitution of Afghanistan pertaining to obligations of the government to work for improvement of lives of the people, ensuring the participation of them in the reconstruction programs and assisting the process of national-building in the country.
As a result of execution of this program so far almost 75% of villages in Afghanistan have come under the coverage of the NSP and over 28,000 development shuras have been established and over 48,000 projects in the sectors of transport, health, energy and education have been executed under this program.
The members of the committee have assessed the program as effective and expressed their viewpoints on removing its shortcomings and how to better organize it through the village development shuras, concentration on infrastructural and agricultural projects, increasing the quality and economic rationality in projects, further participation of women, elimination of poverty in the villages and rural regions and better coordination of activities among the related departments.
Considering the importance of the issue, he instructed the ministry of rehabilitation and rural development taking in to account the viewpoints of the committee members, undertake measures in order to remove the shortages and report back of its accomplishments in the coming meeting of the committee.

Sunday, February, 5, 2012
Kabul (BNA) In accordance with the provision of phrase 18 of article 64 of the Constitution, considering the auspicious birth anniversary of Hazrat Mohammad Mustafa (PHUH) the savior of the humanity whose holy teachings safeguards prosperity of the humanity, I approve the waiving off of the remaining terms of (male and female) prisoners who have been convicted on the order of the authorized courts of the country.
The decree covering 13 articles and attached phrases is to be enforced as of 15th of Dalwa 1390 and will be published in the Official Gazette.
It should be noted that  in order to implement the decree, a commission composed of representatives from relevant organs including ministry of defense and women affairs, attorney general office, national security department, human rights commission of Afghanistan, department for children reforms and others will coordinate implementation of this decree and the commission will report back its performance along with the list of those who benefit under this decree to the  ministries of justice, interior, women affairs and national security department as well as the Council of Ministers Secretariat. 

Sunday, February, 5, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Addressing the meeting honoring the auspicious birth anniversary of Hazrate Mohammad Mustafa (PBUH) Dr. Sayed Makhdoom Raheen Minister of Information and Culture said that is obligatory for Muslims to have good morale and the be example in the society. 
The meeting at the Information and Culture Ministry International Press Center was attended by religious ulema, scholars, scientists and employees of the ministry.
Dr. Raheen said at this meeting at a time when the humanity remained ignorant and led miserable life and cruelty and infidelity over shadowed the world, at the time justice was practiced against the people, at such a time the savior of humanity was born that torched the air and the people found their guide to move on the right path. 
The prophet who was full of morale and his teachings has been beneficial any time and had its message emerged in the world. 
According to Dr. Raheen under conditions that our people are suffering from immense miseries is the responsibility of every one to adapt the Islamic teachings of the Prophet of Islam. 
Abdul Rahim Karimi former minister of justice said that the more different dimensions of life of the Prophet of Islam is looked at still is inadequate and Islam is an eternal religion. 
Qari Assadullah Dayee, Neek Mohammad Helmandi members of the nationwide ulema council of Afghanistan and member of the high shura of media and Sheikh Mohammad Ali Fetri talked at length of the life and teachings of the Great Prophet of Isalam Hazrate Mohammad Mustafa (PBUH). 
Qari Mohammad Ehsan Saiqal Imam of mosque and chairman of the ulema council of Kabul recited holy Naat. 
The meeting ended with prayers for prosperity and welfare of the country by Mawlawi Jura advisor of presidential office in religious affairs.

Sunday, February, 5, 2012
Kabul (BNA) In presence of Dr. Sayed Makhdoom Raheen Minister of Information and Culture a cooperation agreement was signed by the deputy minister for youth Temur Shah Ishaqzai and Director of Asia Foundation for provision of book for youths in 16 provinces of Afghanistan.
Dr. Raheen said that the Asia Foundation is assisting books for youth offices in 16 provinces as the youth need books for upgrading their knowledge. 
He thanked the foundation and expressed the hope that similar attention is made for the remaining provinces as well. 
Temur Shah Ishaqzai said that in the first stage this foundation will provide 300 volumes of scientific, cultural, and professional books and in a few months more books will be provide to the youth libraries. 
The foundation, added, is also assisting the ministry in cultural and educational spheres as well.

Sunday, February, 5, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Counter crime department for ministry of interior submitted three historic relics to officials for Afghan national museum here in Kabul the other day. 
According to counter crime chief Sayed Abdul Ghafar Sayedzada, the relics traffickers planned to take the relics outside of the country. 
The relics were kept in a house in Kaert-e-Naw and the owner of the house has been detained. 
General Sayedzada has submitted the three historic monuments to deputy of Afghan National Museum Yahya Muhibzada. 
Yahya Muhibzada said among the three relics, two of them are the most precious relics for which we can’t specify the price. 
He appreciated the Afghan police for their efforts towards discovering the historic relics.

Sunday, February, 5, 2012

Kabul (BNA) Dr. Sayed Makhdoom Raheen, minister of information and culture in a ceremony which was held the other day for a successful cinema star of the country Sediq Barmak, said, “Barmak’s success is the success of all cinema stars of the country. 
The stars carrying cinema art on their shoulders faced with deprivation. 
India Cinema Foundation has handed over Asia Culture Award for the best director to Sediq Barmak, an Afghan star and director of the country’s cinema. 
The foundation which annually launches feature movies festivals titled Third Eye Movies gives the award to one of Asian directors. 
In a ceremony which was held at Afghan Film hall Dr. Sayed Makhdoom Raheen spoke and considered Barmak’s success as success of all Afghan cinemas and said Sediq Barmak had gentry in his work in the light of art and I’d felt such gentry in each moment of Usama Film. 
Dr. Raheen also said, “I’ve repeatedly said that Afghan cinema stars are carrying the cinema art on their shoulders while they are staying in deprivation, but I’m sure they are to succeed despite all problems they have. 
They ceremony was also attended by advisor to MoIC Jalal Noorani, Afghan philosopher Sediq Afghan, head of Afghan union of cinema stars Jawan Shir Haidari and Afghan artists.

Sunday, February, 5, 2012 Kabul (BNA)
In The Name of God, The Most Gracious and The Most Merciful:
I welcome Excellency, Hina Rabbani Kehar Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and her accompanying delegation. 
I hope we will be able to receive them well during their stay in Kabul. 
We all know that the two countries, Afghanistan and Pakistan have deep cultural relationships and our peoples have common tribes, language and religion. 
After years of bilateral relationships with enormous ups and downs in the extensive and historical relationship we all have reached the conclusion that the strengthening and improving of the relations between the two neighboring countries can contribute to furthering peace, stability and security in the region. 
Excellency, Foreign Minister,
Over the past years the Islamic Republic of Pakistan has hosted millions of Afghan refugees, thus we thank you, the friendly and neighboring country. 
Also Pakistan’s assistance in the different areas of reconstruction of Afghanistan is worthy of mentioning. 
We express gratitude, particularly, for granting scholarships, and other training opportunities for Afghan students and other government officials provided by the Pakistani side. 
Fight against terrorism and Radicalism is a main part of the common interests which the countries, for the prosperity of today’s and future generations, must cooperate on further. 
Undoubtedly, such common honest and practical efforts can lead to securing peace which is the inviolable desire and aspiration of the people of the two countries.
As an example, the role of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan in supporting the peace process is of key value to us. And we hope we will have the support and cooperation with us in the future. 
To achieve these highly valuable goals there exists no way other than friendship and honest and practical cooperation between the two countries. 
The Islamic republic of Afghanistan considers the continued cooperation for the prosperity of the peoples of both countries as beneficial. 
Afghanistan considers the convening of the 8th Joint Economic Commission meeting in Islamabad last month as an opportunity to strengthen economic cooperation and facilitating trade and transit relations. 
The scale of trade exchange between the two countries over the past ten years has increased from $100 million to $2.5 billion. 
Also we welcome the 5th trilateral meeting of Afghanistan, Pakistan and USA at the deputy foreign Ministerial level and the US Special Envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan due to be held in the near future.  Excellency, Minister,
I hope that, over the visit which President Karzai and I will have to Pakistan in the near future, we will have tangible achievements in our bilateral relations and mutual cooperation with the government of Pakistan. 
I also hope that your visit to Kabul will be the start of the new phase of the bilateral relationship and cooperation between the two countries. 
Once again I welcome you and your accompanying delegation and reemphasize that, for the prosperity and welfare of our peoples, there is no other way but cooperation and friendship between the two friendly and neighbor countries.

Sunday, February, 5, 2012

Kabul (BNA) I congratulate the pious countrymen and Muyslim Umma of the world on the auspicious birthday anniversary of Hazrate Mohammad Mustafa (PBUH), the respected prophet of Islam, undoubtedly that blessings of this day will overshadow us. 
The birth of the Prophet of Islam in the human history is the most brilliant and prosperous day in our life. 
Hazrate Mohammad the savior of humanity from the wrong path was born on this auspicious day. 
The Almighty Allah, conveyed to him the mission for saving the humanity from misery, ignorance, calmness and ensuring of social and psychological and moral education and the Prophet of Islam achieved this mission with the required success and faith and accepted all sufferings and difficulties and showed patience and tolerance so that he can spread the religion of Islam to the humanity. 
Sending of the prophet for the humanity, has been the greatest blessing of God and God Almighty send the prophet from their own sect and blessed him with the authority to guide the humanity in all their living dimensions. 
The religious ulema of Islam and all those informed about the Islamic affairs believe that Hazrate Mohammad Mustafa (PBUH) had passed the most prideful and highest characteristic and behavior, and his efforts towards guiding the humanity has been example and his teachings, sayings and views were highly beneficial and valuable. 
I wish and pray to Almighty Allah to turn all our doings and practices in accordance with the Islamic teachings of this respected prophet and with the blessings and virtue of this birthday anniversary of the Prophet of Islam, our country is salvaged from any types of miseries and calamities and every person of this country is afforded the ability to serve their people, country and work for the construction and prosperity of their homeland.

Sunday, February, 5, 2012

Kabul (BNA) President Hamid Karzai met with Pakistani Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Kehar and discussed matters of mutual interest of the two countries. 
The meeting also attended by Foreign Minister Dr. Zalmai Rasoul, Deputy Minister Jawed Ludin and Afghan Ambassador in Islamabad Mohammad Umer Daudzai and focused on issues including measures to further enhance the bilateral relations, the peace process and the threat of terrorism the two nations are facing. 
Mrs. Kehar said her visit to Afghanistan demonstrates her country’s gesture of a goodwill aimed at bolstering the good neighborly relations. 
Minister Kehar also conveyed to President Karzai an invitation to attend the tripartite summit of Afghanistan-Pakistan and Iran scheduled to be held in mid-February in Pakistan. 
Pak. Foreign Minister vowed that her country was fully supportive of the Afghanistan peace process. 
Expressing the effective role of Pakistan for the peace process in Afghanistan, President Karzai said insecurity in Afghanistan and in Pakistan has inflicted great losses to the people of the two countries and caused prevention of the two national from progress. 
President Karzai called the extremism in the region a harmful scourge that stands in the way of progress and stability and said it was imperative for the two countries to eliminate the roots of the problem and take practical measures in ensuring peace and security.

Sunday, 05 February 2012 06:41

Suicide Attacker Killed In Uorzgan

Saturday, February, 04, 2012
Uorzgan (BNA) A suicide attacker wanted to target a police base in Uorzgan was killed by Afghan forces today.
The event occurred this noon while an attacker wanted to rush into the police headquarter in Dehrawod district.
Farid Hayel spokesman of Urozgan told BNA reporter in Tarenkot city, during the clash, the explosive which was fixed in the body of the attacker exploded and killed him.
He added, except the attacker no one has been killed or injured in this attack.
According the spokesman, the attacker was near the police headquarter which identified and shod to dead by Afghan forces.
Translated by: Rateb Nabizada